Saturday, January 30, 2010

Full Moon Serenade

Here's a little something inspired by a beautiful post by Bee House Hives which I found through Nici's Dig This Chick blog. Don't you just love the blogging community?

The moon shines down and sheds its beams
On a girl and her dogs by a Joshua Tree.
Just visitors to this arid land
Amazed at the sparkle of moonbeams on sand.

And where does this full moon find you?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Fun to Run in Different Places

I found the above advertisement for JetBlue in one of my husband's running magazines and I liked it so much that I pulled it out and hung it on my closet door. And you know what? It IS fun to run in different places! I know it's been almost a year since my last post so let me catch you up to date.

Alas, the marathon never happened as we were assigned to Ketchikan, AK rather than the Anchorage area but I'm happy to report that I've continued to run. I am nowhere near gazelle status, in fact, I've hesitated for a long time to call myself a runner at all since, to watch me in action, you'd think I could probably make more progress at a fast walk but, screw it, I AM a runner. I wiggle into my skirtsport capris, strap on my running shoes, grab my visor...and I different places...and, most of the time, it's fun!

Old US Hwy 2, Libby, MT

I've run on trails in the mountains of Northwestern, MT...

Salvage Trail, Ketchikan, AK

I've run on trails in Ketchikan, AK....

Beach off of Pierpont, Ventura, CA

I've run on the beaches in Ventura, CA....

Palm Desert, CA

And I'm currently learning to run on the streets in Palm Springs, CA.

Riley leading the way

I've run with my dogs, without my dogs, with bears, with seagulls, with eagles, past dolphins and orcas, surfers and golfcarts and cacti and pine trees and totem poles. And there are days when I'm just downright discouraged in my ability, my body, my...running. But through it all I've learned alot about myself and the beautiful thing is I'm still learning. Who knew trail-running would be a passion of mine, that I can get rid of a side stitch by concentrating on my breathing and taking deep breaths, that when I'm miserable and all I want to do is sit down...I can actually keep going, that even though I'm "not built for running", I'm doing it, that my legs are strong and the rhythmic crunch, crunch of my feet on gravel is a wonderful meditation in itself? So, I might not be winning any races anytime soon, and I still have to slink over to the "Large" clothing section in the running store but, so what! I'm a runner and I'm proud of myself and I'm going to keep running in different places because, damn it, it's fun!


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