Saturday, January 30, 2010

Full Moon Serenade

Here's a little something inspired by a beautiful post by Bee House Hives which I found through Nici's Dig This Chick blog. Don't you just love the blogging community?

The moon shines down and sheds its beams
On a girl and her dogs by a Joshua Tree.
Just visitors to this arid land
Amazed at the sparkle of moonbeams on sand.

And where does this full moon find you?


Sarah { bee house hives } said...

Hello to you in Missoula! Thanks for leaving such a sweet poem.. and linking to my post too, wow!

Me too, with dreaming of beaches in the winter! Do you run throughout the winter there? I used to live in Missoula.. now the Flathead ( where I am originally from ). Love Nici over at Dig This Chick too.. she is the best! What a writer.

Good to have met you in this small world.

Montana4me said...

Hello Sarah! Thanks so much for the comment. I really loved your post and will stop by your lovely blog to see what else you're up to. So nice to have met you too.


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