Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ode to My Xtra Tufs

Ah, fickle spring. It snowed here today and as I watched my dogs frolic like maniacs while I stood ankle deep in white stuff and froze my ass off, I looked down at my ugly, brown boots and thanked my lucky stars that my good friend, Nadia, has the gift to look past the trappings and see the beauty of utilitarian. This one's for you, Nod!

Ode to My Xtra Tufs

Yes, I first said "Pooh, pooh!" when Nod said, "Oh, I do!" to those brown rubber boots in a row.
So ugly, so plain, my friend must be insane
to want footwear with no sizzle, no show.

Cause I'm just a girl who loves shoes.
Sandals with heels make me coo.
And these boots cause a fright,
such a horrible sight,
clunky rubber the color of poo!

But, alas!, oh how wrong could I be?
And this point was shown clearly to me
when the skies opened up,
that rain could have drowned a duck!
And my tootsies were wet as can be.

The mud, how it sucked at my heels.
Patent leather's no match for this deal.
And when it started to snow
I cried out "Oh no!"
and tore off to the store with a squeal.

And now there's no weather too buff.
No amount of rain, of snow is enough.
And when the storm clouds roll in
I just look up and grin
cause this girl's rockin' her Xtra Tufs!

Nadia, rockin' HER Xtra Tufs in Ketchikan


Christine B. said...

And here I thought xtra tufs were an Alaskan phenomenon, like duct tape and blue tarps. I'm impressed you waxed potetic over them. The hubby has a pair but thus far I have abstained. After reading your bit about how great they are for gardening, I'll rethink my policy.

Christine in Alaska

MoonstruckinMontana said...

Christine, you're right, I picked them up when we were in Ketchikan and it rained 5 inches in a day. I thought my friend was crazy for wanting a pair since they're not exactly "fashion forward" but I quickly changed my tune when I slid those babies on and stepped out the door, straight into a mud puddle that came up to my ankles. Ahh, the freedom! They really are great but make sure to get the felt inserts as they definitely make all the difference!


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