Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Harbingers of Spring

Wow! What a beautiful weekend we had! Sunny, warm and gorgeous which sent me straight into full gardening mode. I raked, trimmed, pruned and planted and rejoiced at the change in seasons. I was thrilled to see my garden coming back to life. Take a look at the crocus poking through the lavender and lamb's ear. They are practically exploding with color! So nice to see after a long winter of white, gray, black and brown.

Well, since I was in full gardening esctasy, I lost my mind and actually decided to start some seeds. I am horrible at the whole "house plant" thing. Give me a patch of dirt...anywhere!, and I can make magic happen but, hand me a plant and tell me to take it inside and the plant and I both struggle along until I can eventually get it back outside. Be that as it may, I am really tired of being at the mercy of whatever seedlings our local Farmers Market participants have decided to grow so I got the bee up my bonnet and, voila!, I am now hovering over 3 trays of peat and seeds. I even took it so far as noting in my dayplanner when I should see them sprout and when each plant should be mature and full of bounty. Hmm, I just hope I can get them up and keep them alive until I can get them outside. Cross you fingers for me!

If my plan succeeds, I should be rolling in various peppers, pumpkins, Walla Wallas and tomatoes not to mention giant sunflowers, carnations, candytuft and sweet peas. Oh, and did I mention the herbs? Yea, sweet basil, cilantro, and oregano and I'm bound and determined to find organic peppermint so my friend Lori and I can brew our very own peppermint tea.

So, be prepared, folks, for gardening updates from now until the first snow flies. Until then, happy gardening!

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