Sunday, April 6, 2008

Look At These Little Beauties

I'm happy to report that my seedlings are bursting at their little peat pods and have had to be moved into roomier accommodations. I was frantically trying to find containers to move them into, had even asked friends, neighbors and co-workers for any soup cans they might have hanging around in their recycling bins (not enough, by the way!), when the lightbulb in the brain FINALLY turned on and I thought, "Party cups!" Woohoo! I had a Costco-size bag of red, plastic drink cups leftover from our annual Autumn BBQ stashed in the basement. I went charging on down and got straight to work.

It took me three hours to prep my soil mix, punch holes in the bottoms of the cups and get everyone relocated...but I did it and don't they look happy! I ran out of room in my sunroom so I rigged up a table in our bay window and everyone seems to be settling in to their new digs.

Of course, this means that my mini-greenhouses are empty and ready for the next batch but I'm trying to hold myself back from starting anymore as I have absolutely no where else to put them once they reach the "party cup" stage.
Still, I have packets of seeds and extra peat pods...hmmm, maybe I could just do a few......


Nancy J. Bond said...

Everything certainly seems to be thriving.

2mtprincesses said...

I just want to tell you your are crazy but we love you. I really didn't realize how many little seedlings you had!

Heather said...

I can totally relate about running out of room, I have a friend saving some of her recyclables for me to plant things in.


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