Thursday, April 17, 2008

Murphy, Our Houseguest

Last night we had the perfect houseguest, a baby English bulldog named Murphy. This was Murphy's first sleepover and, I have to say, alot of fun was had by all. I don't know if he has ever spent time around 3 dogs all weighing 70 lbs or better but, after the initial, "Oh my god, what ARE they? Giants?" he settled right into rough-housing, squeeky toy squeeking, chasing each other around the yard, barking at strange sounds and, his favorite, tug-of-war.

Having worn himself out the night before (and rolling off of bed once during the night) morning came pretty early for the little guy but, by this point, he believed he was one of the big dogs and filed out the back door in order like a pro...Large, Medium, Small and Extra Small. He barked at a passing neighbor, tried to wolf down big dog food, and learned the pure joy of leaping on an extra large Coolaroo and using it like a trampoline. Then, unfortunately, after dozing in a sunny doorway while I got ready, the visit was over and we packed his overnight bag and headed off to work to meet his mom.

I wonder if tonight he'll dream little doggie dreams of his time amongst the giants....


The Gardeness said...

Murphy is adorable. Our neighbor had an English Bulldog, Bishop. Wonderful boy!

cindee said...

I love overnight doggie visits. My granddog comes to stay every couple weeks. Its always a lot of fun. My dog really enjoys the company too!!! I lived in Libby Montana for a while... My dad worked on Libby Dam. That was years ago. I always think of the town and area around as extremely beautiful!!!


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