Friday, February 15, 2008

Will You Be Mine?

For Valentines Day, my hubby and I decided to fly in the face of convention and actually stay home and cook. Not very romantic you might say but, really, what a great way to reconnect! You're trapped together for a good couple of hours and, unless you want to leave hungry, it's going to take some teamwork and perseverance to see it through to the end.

We chose an Indian menu as it's a type of cuisine we've only dabbled in and we both love. Plus, it has the added benefit of utilizing exotic spices and unique ingredients that were a taste sensation in themselves. Cardamom, cumin, tumeric...a dash of this and a dash of that, accompanied by a glass of a 2005 Bordeaux for each of us, and the next thing you know we had ourselves a wonderfully delicious meal comprised of Onion Samosas, Malai Kofta and seasoned Basmati rice.

While we chopped, cooked and stirred we talked about how the day went, how I really can't wait to learn to play the piano (yea, yea, I know. I'll shut up about it soon), laughed over a funny pet anecdote and even delved into what we both want out of life. We sipped wine, offered tastes to each other and were excited as our colorful ingredients melded into mouth-watering dishes.

And, as we sat down to eat, I realized what makes life together so great; a shared sense of adventure, alot of laughter and good appetites!

Thanks, E, for being my Valentine!

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2mtprincesses said...

Susan the pictures of your dinner look great. I also see you finished your book or have given up on it,


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